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Will you join us in this exciting work of founding and running schools for the poorest children in India? 
A one off donation is great but £5.00 per month covers the cost for one child's school fees plus their books and uniform.

We've picked out a favourite photo from each of our 8 sponsored schools. (To read the full stories please click on the links)
Arnapal School
The school bus!

Kalidaspur School
sponsored by St. Luke's Primary School, Heywood
Children take part in English lessons

Rangamatia School
sponsored by a Royton businessman
These children were working in the fields until FAD set up a school

Bhalubasa School
sponsored by St. Paul's Primary School, Royton

Give the gang a wave :)

Dhangara School
we are looking for a sponsor, can you help?
Looking smart in new school uniforms

Kumchia School
sponsored by Fir Bank Primary School, Royton and Pat Hawkins, Bethesda

Enjoying a game of football